A Guide to Online Casinos Licensing Authorities

As an online gambler who wants to register with a gambling site, you need to register with a site that holds a license from a reputable gambling authority. There are a lot of licensing authorities around the world and we will be explaining some of them in the write-up. The advantage of joining a gambling site that is licensed is that they ensure the issues of the gambling sites under them are resolved so that they can better serve their players. You can check out https://www.1-online-casinocanada.com/ to know more about top online casinos you can register with.

Staying in the gambling business is not a walk in the park because you will have the deal with issues like government laws, financial transaction across multiple currencies, maintaining a high PR, marketing your service to potential players and so forth. To cope with all these issues, you need to be under the jurisdiction of a licensing authority that can help you weather the storm. As an online casino, having a cordial relationship with your licensing body will help you navigate government laws easily. These gambling authorities have the legal authority to maintain and enforce online gambling.

Roles of the Licensing Authorities

The main objective of setting up licensing authorities around the world is to have a unified standard of gambling at online gambling sites. Licensing authorities ensure that gambling sites under their jurisdiction regularly carry out periodic testing and validation of the RNG software, provide reliable support to players, establish limits on deposits among other requirements. In the real sense, the true beneficiaries of setting up licensing authorities are the players because all the rules set by the authorities are to protect their player's right. Some licensing authorities also have hotline support for players that wants to lodge any complaints.

Gibraltar Gambling Commission.

The Gibraltar Gambling Commission controls the activities of both the land-based and internet-based gambling industry in Gibraltar. This licensing authority has been able to stand the test of time as they have a track record of reliability and trustworthiness over the years. Playing at online casinos licensed under the jurisdiction of this licensing authority allow you access fair and random games and should any problem arise, they are always ready to provide the needed support you need. Gibraltar charges their licensee annual licensing fee for all types of gambling - online or offline. They ensure the right punishment is meted on any erring gambling sites that flaunt their rules.

Alderney Gambling Control Commission

One of the many islands off the coast of England that is well known for licensing and regulating gambling sites is Alderney. The licensing authority was established by British Crown Dependency of Alderney and started issuing licenses to online casinos in the same year. In 2009, they added more rules and regulations and amended those rules in 2018. This licensing authority groups their licenses into two parts - one for the gambling sites and the other for the company that registers players handling their financial transactions. They also charge all the gambling sites under their jurisdiction an annual licensing fee.

UK Gambling Commission

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission was established in 2005, and since then has been providing licensing services to gambling companies in the UK. The licensing authority has policies, rules and regulations that cover every part of online gambling from software testing to financial transparency and auditing procedures. They charge all the gambling sites under their jurisdiction annual fees to be able to offer the best service to them. Both online and land-based casinos can enjoy the services of this gambling commission because they offer support to both the gambling organization and the players registered under the gambling site.